Itching to Garden

NMP Spring 2023 Newsletter

Itching to Garden

Spring can not come soon enough in my opinion. I say that at the tail end of February knowing full well that April snow showers are a possibility.


Still, there have been some tantalizing spring-like days with sunshine you can feel warmth from...not a lot, but some. 


There was one warm day when the snow was lingering enough to highlight the now-ratty "winter interest" seed heads from fall-blooming plants. I took advantage of the contrast to prune them back. It was a small taste of the joyous labor to come.


Chicago Botanic Gardens feels the gardeners' pain and offers up the Orchid Show from February into March. I went last week and appreciated the mid-winter break. I've tried my hand at raising orchids and unintentionally murdered every one. They make it through the summer, but I keep my house too cold in the winter for their comfort.


Here are some of the beauties on display, and there are more to see.


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March is National Women's Month
March is National Women's Month
March is National Women’s Month and this year’s theme, selected by the National Women’s History Alliance, is “Celebrating the Women Who Tell Our Stories.”
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Career Guide Season is Starting!
Career Guide Season is Starting!
If you are an NMP Career Guide client, Nan will be contacting you soon to kick off the new season. If you are interested in having a custom guide for your office, please reach out. Summer is a great time to produce a guide so it is ready to go when your students return to campus in the fall.
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