NMP in NACE Journal

If you are a NACE member, please check out the Nan Mellem Publishing ad on page 25 of the November 2020 NACE Journal.

Are you developing a full publication? Do you just need an extra pair of eyes to review a project before you publish? Either way, NMP offers a solution to suit your needs.

This is a great time of year to explore projects and collaborations. Contact NMP to put a plan in place for 2021.

The 2020 Publishing Season in Review

As we look at the publishing year in review, we are pleased to note NMP embraced adaptation in this year’s publishing cycle. New recruiting practices led to new articles. Final products were adapted to suit the virtual learning environment. We accomplished all of this as we also adapted to a new way of life. As a result, we hereby dub “adaptability” as the NMP Keyword of 2020.

A combination of print and online production were the focus of January and February’s conversations. With the March arrival of COVID-19, our conversations shifted to online-only production. The change to online-only opened up flexibility in book lengths, color options, and other considerations.

NMP added a publishing partner in BlueToad. This change made new online editions available for NMP clients.

We had production adventures along the way. Adventures that started with the words, “Can we…” always took us in interesting directions. New articles were written on the fly to address the rapidly changing recruitment practices demanded by COVID-19 and an increasingly virtual world.

As this post goes live, there are a few follow-up projects underway. Still, it is safe to say the season was a success! Visit the Recent Works page to view the online editions of the Guides published this year.

It was a real pleasure working with all of these schools. Have a great and safe school year!

Please reach out if you’ve considered creating a custom publication for your office and you’d like to explore the idea in more detail. You can follow Nan Mellem Publishing on LinkedIn. You’ll find Nan’s profile there too!

A Career Guide for 2020

NMP has released A Career Guide for 2020 with articles from the NMP library edited for the special circumstances job seekers face during the pandemic crisis. We hope you will find this Guide useful and share it.

Article titles include “Virtual Career Fairs,” “Career Planning Checklist,” and “How to Prepare for Video Interviews” to name a few.

Cover of A Career Guide for 2020 by Nan Mellem Publishing.
Click to view the Guide.

We’ve joined in a great new partnership with BlueToad for a digital edition of A Career Guide for 2020 offering multiple reading options. Page view allows you to read the book in a flip book, representational layout as the Guide was designed. Select content view to transform the Guide into to a fully responsive publication easily accessible across multiple devices.

Please contact NMP for help with your own print or digital publication.

Career Guide Planning Time

The new year is well under way, and it is the right time of year for campus career centers to be planning their guides for the fall semester.

It is time to set up your publishing calendar!

Did You Know?

Your career guide publisher will plan your production schedule working backward from your preferred delivery date.

Contact Nan today to discuss updating an existing guide, creating a new guide, or any other publishing needs you may have.

Looking Forward to Some Inspiration

KABA (Kenosha Area Business Alliance) is hosting InspireKenosha 2019 on Thursday, and I am looking forward to a day of professional inspiration.

In addition to tips, tricks, and general encouragement, I’m hoping to hear about the monster obstacles others have overcome. The process of building a business is rife with a whole bunch of not knowing what the future holds. You put your message out there, you make your pitch, and you wait. You follow up and then wait some more. Patience is required. Determination is required. And Thursday I’m sure I’ll learn more of what is required.

I received and email yesterday from KABA warning that parking is limited and carpooling is encouraged, so I know this event will be well attended. It’s already inspiring and exciting, and I haven’t walked through the door yet!

If you are attending, I hope to see you there. I’d love to chat! Leave a comment, and I’ll look for you too!


A New Article Library Is in the Works

Those of you who worked with Nan in the CRM days will be happy to hear Nan Mellem Publishing will have a newly updated article library available to career guide clients.

For new career service office clients here’s a little more explanation: The article library is a collection of articles written by staff or freelance authors on various topics related to the job search, application process, and interviewing process. As an NMP client, you have the opportunity to review the complete content of the library and choose articles to suppliment your own content.

The articles in the library can be customized to your needs. For example, general references to “your career service office” can be changed to the specific name of your school’s office.

If you have plenty of your own content, this may not be of interest. If you have not published a career guide in the past, the article library is a fast-track to filled pages.

Visit this site in the next month or two to see a list of article titles and synopses, or sign up for production of your 2020-2021 guide to see the full (and developing) content.