NMP at Table 14

This Thursday is the Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce Business-to-Business Expo.

NMP will be there with a healthy amount of swag, a swanky video, and plenty of business cards.

We are also having a business card raffle. Two gifts are available: a Jodie Needham Fitness package, and an NMP package. Drop your business card in the vase for a chance to win. Winners will be drawn at 1:45 and notified by text or email—you don’t have to be present to win.

If you are in the area, we hope to see you there!

Design in the Wild

We’re going to have to file this under “design don’ts” wandering the universe.

Disembodied dog head and paw…disturbing at first glance.

As you may have guessed, I had to cool my heels at the vet’s office while my dog was being tended to in another room. Spending time with this poster made me twitchy. If I’d had a marker, I would have outlined him and made a color burst around him—anything for dog body cohesion!

But his face really “pops”! Yeah…right off his body = not good. The black collar should help. Uh, not so much.

This poster would have benefited from a background color tint in 10% of just about any color. Or they could have used a different cutie pie dog whose fur was any other color than white.

The next time Clover goes to the vet, I’m taking a marker with me.

Recent OTP Post

Read the post on the Off The Pews’ site: https://www.offthepews.org/post/july-is-international-zine-month

As part of OTP’s service package, I write posts (or publish other staff posts) to their blog. Some of this material is included in the quarterly newsletter as a photo/blurb/link to drive click-through traffic to the site.

This particular post was just a labor of love for me because it includes self-publishing, art, writing, and all-around creativity. It should have appeal to the kids who’ve attended OTP’s various programs. Since we work so closely in partnership with Hyde Park Art Center, there is often an art track in the program planning.

Zines have a deep history addressing social justice issues as well (read the post for more).

The most fun I had was creating the title zine to use as an example.

The line between my work and life blurs sometimes when working with OTP.

Explore NMP Projects

Make sure to visit the Recent Work page to see the type of projects under way (or recently completed) at NMP.

Explaining what “custom publishing services” actually are is a slippery weasel. The list of services is long and varied—that is why they are custom.

What you need may not be what someone else needs.

The Recent Work page is where we throw the pasta on the wall and see what sticks. There might be something NMP does for an existing client that might be just what you need.

NMP can work on an hourly, per project, or service plan (package of hours) basis depending on your short- or long-term needs.

Drop NMP a note—consultation is free.


Screen Capture: NMP ad on the right column of the NACEweb.org Diversity Featured Articles page.

NMP will be a presence on the Featured Diversity articles page of NACE’s website through April. NACE has been a trusted partner and a peerless resource for college career services centers and employers. NMP is pleased to support the work of NACE.

NMP works with so many really great partners—they are all valued relationships.

Would you like help with publishing projects (print or online)? NMP can work on a one-off project with you, or we can explore a longer service arrangement.

You know your business, and NMP knows publishing. The ideal partnership is both of us working at our specialty to complement each other.

Collaboration means you don’t have to do it all. Isn’t that a nice thought?

Consider a partnership with NMP.

NMP – Your Custom Publishing Service

  • Career Guides
  • Annual Reports
  • Infographics
  • Branded Flyers
  • Newsletters …
    • …for print and/or online use

Email for a FREE project estimate. NMP’s services are also available on an hourly basis.

Accessible PDF production to WCAG 2.1 AA standards available.

Please explore the Recent Work page and let your imagination loose. Then, drop NMP an email.

2022 Weekly Planner

The 2022 Weekly Planner is a personal project I recently wrapped up, and sent off to my clients this year as a thank you for their business.

The seagull on the cover watched me eat a sandwich along the Florida shore years ago.

It was a fun way to revisit some of the art I’ve created over the years (some pieces date back to 2006) in a playful way throughout the Planner.

View the 2022 Weekly Planner online.

Contact NMP if you’d like to create a similar planner for your clients, as swag for a conference, or a personal gift.

Great Publishing Partners

It was a real treat to work with the Career Center team at Texas A&M this year to redesign their Aggie Career Success Handbook (formerly Career Guide).

I’d redesigned this book once before (around 2013-14) when I was working for CRM. Michael Shehane found my company website and recognized my name, and he reached out to see if I was up for another redesign.

You bet!

Conversations for production started in January. We were into actual production by March. The Accessible PDF delivered in late August. August 27th the BlueToad edition was done. Slide over to the Recent Work page to see both editions.

Texas A&M Career Center had a large team working on refining the content for the book. The project was masterfully managed at their end initially by Michael Shehane, and then he turned it over to the talented Paige Hellman-Millar for completion.

Design by committee can be a daunting prospect because there are a lot of moving parts. There absolutely needs to be a project coordinator on the client side of production to avoid conflicting information. The Career Center team had this nailed down which resulted in a smooth and wonderful collaboration.

Additional Texas A&M team members who worked on the book and deserve a “Well done!” include: Amarette Renieri, Susan Keough, Taylor Henderson, under the benevolent guidance of Samantha Wilson, with Dolores Gonzales in a crucial supporting role.

Thank you for your great publishing partnership!

Himmelstein Web Project

A request came to me from S Himmelstein & Co for a new “above the fold” webpage design—art for the opening frame, but not the navigation.

I created an animated GIF and an MP4 as a rough first draft for them. I’m feeling out if this is something they are interested in, or if they prefer to have a static image.

I fully expect this to change, but as rough drafts go, I’m pretty happy.

This is certainly artwork that would have to be placed within a website because it is missing branding and basic contact information.

Animated GIF showing S Himmelstein's products in a slideshow. Text reads "World's Best Torque Sensors Since 1960" and photos are captioned with "Torque ranges from 10 oof-in to 4,000,000 dbf-in".
The animated GIF (702 Kb) has all the elements but lacks the smooth transitions of the…
MP4 (7.7 Mb)

S Himmelstein & Co

Inset product photos provided by, and property of, S Himmelstein & Co.

Update to story: Word came back that a still image was preferred, so I sent 3 versions…waiting to hear about modifications.

To see other MP4s created from Photoshop please visit my Commissioned Art page.