Recent Work

Spartan Career Planning Guide

Client: Norfolk State University

In collaboration with: Alisha Bazemore, Director of Career Services

Project: Redesign of interior pages to suit NSU’s branding guidelines. Update to existing content using client’s edits and new material from the NMP Article Library. Providing and online edition deliverables.

View the Adobe Publish Online edition: Spartan Career Planning Guide.

View the Blue Toad online edition: Spartan Career Planning Guide.
Be sure to select “Contents View” from the dropdown for the fully responsive version.

Job & Internship Guide

Client: Rutgers University-Camden Career Center

In collaboration with: Cheryl Hallman, Director

Project: Update to current edition with print-ready PDFs and online edition deliverables.

View the Adobe Publish Online edition: Job & Internship Guide

BlueToad online edition with responsive Content View: Job & Internship Guide

Career Resources Guide

Client: NC State Poole College of Management

In collaboration with: Janet Rakes, Assistant Director of Career Development; Christina DeBerardino, Assistant Director of Career Development; and Brian Newton, Director of Undergraduate Programs

Project: Update to current edition using client’s edits, advising on ad sales, and processing/placement of ads. Providing print-ready PDFs and online edition deliverables.

View the Adobe Publish Online edition of the Career Resources Guide

NMP Article Library

Client: NMP clients interested in Career Guide publications (new or updated)

Project: The library of articles is available for use to NMP career services clients as content for their publication. New articles and infographics are currently under development.

Last updated: June 23, 2020
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View the NMP Article Library

Project: Editorial services to the author of the site.

In collaboration with: Jia Johnson

A Career Guide for 2020

Project: Sample Career Guide for online production in partnership with BlueToad for special digital editions—page view and content view. Content view is a fully responsive viewing option for readability on multiple devices. Content of the Guide includes revised versions of articles from the NMP Article Library which have been edited to address the special job search circumstances of today.

Contact NMP for a quote on production of a branded version of the Career Guide for use in your office!

View A Career Guide for 2020

S. Himmelstein and Company Product Brochures & Advertising

Client: S. Himmelstein and Company

In on-going collaboration with: Cyndi Rude, Sales & Marketing

Project: Brochures—Use existing design and branding to create a new product brochure. Work included establishing page and paragraph styles; creating an Illustrator version of their actual technical drawing to be used for marketing purposes; and setting all tables and text. Advertising—Freshen up design of new fractional page ads.

Career Toolkit

Client: Harvard University, School of Public Health

In collaboration with: Sheila Krishnan, Assistant Director of Career Advancement and Alison McAlear, Assistant Director of Employer Development and Engagement

Project: Creation of a new career guide including cover and page design and layout using Harvard and NMP content. Print-ready and online edition deliverables.

Project in progress.

In the Works: TCotE*

Client: Wendy Powell

Project: Full publishing services for a personal project.

*Working code name

Off the Pews: Faith in Action

Project: Ongoing administration of existing website

In collaboration with: Dr. Sammie Dortch, EdD, LCSW, ACSW and Rev. Harriet Cavanah Dart

Visit the site:

Career Guide

Client: The Saint Vincent College Career and Professional Development Center

In collaboration with: Courtney Baum, Director; Jenna Churilla, Assistant Director; and Lynn Scalise, Career Consultant

Project: Redesign of existing guide from half-page to full-page, B/W to 4C, advertising art direction, and additional services

View the online Career Guide

Career Development Handbook

Client: MIT’s Career Advising & Professional Development office

In collaboration with: Tianna Ransom, Career Development Specialist

Project: Print-ready files and online edition with interactive features, 2019

View the online Career Development Handbook

Article for NMP’s Article Library

Title: The Handbill as a Networking Tool

View the full text on LinkedIn.

Video interview about the services of NMP. Interviewer is Nancy Peterson.

Article for NMP’s Article Library

Title: Guided Networking

View an extended excerpt on LinkedIn.

Full text of the article is available to NMP clients. Contact for further details.

Four Seasons Garden Club Eventbrite Page and Program

In collaboration with: Karen Taskonis, Marsha Caporaso, Nancy Maurer (programs committee) and Lynda Guy (public relations) and the members of the FSGC

Photography by Mark Dwyer

Program written and designed by NMP

Printing by SkyPrint in Kenosha, WI

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