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NMP Article Library

Client: NMP clients interested in Career Guide publications (new or updated)

Project: The library of articles is available for use to NMP career services clients as content for their publication. New articles and infographics are currently under development.

Last updated: January 16, 2020
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View the NMP Article Library

Spartan Career Planning Guide

Client: Norfolk State University

In collaboration with: Alisha Bazemore, Director of Career Services

Project: Update to existing edition using client’s edits and new material from the NMP Article Library, advising on ad sales and processing/placement of ads in the book. Providing print-ready PDFs and online edition deliverables.

Project in progress.

Career Resources Guide

Client: NC State Poole College of Management

In collaboration with: Janet Rakes, Assistant Director of Career Development and Brian Newton, Director of Undergraduate Programs

Project: Update to current edition using client’s edits, advising on ad sales, and processing/placement of ads. Providing print-ready PDFs and online edition deliverables.

Project in progress.

Job & Internship Guide

Client: Rutgers University-Camden Career Center

In collaboration with: Cheryl Hallman, Director

Project: Update to current edition with print-ready PDFs and online edition deliverables.

Project in progress.

In the Works: TCotE*

Client: Wendy Powell

Project: Full publishing services for a personal project.

*Working code name

Off the Pews: Faith in Action

Project: Ongoing administration of existing website

In collaboration with: Dr. Sammie Dortch, EdD, LCSW, ACSW and Rev. Harriet Cavanah Dart

Visit the site:

Career Guide

Client: The Saint Vincent College Career and Professional Development Center

In collaboration with: Courtney Baum, Director; Jenna Churilla, Assistant Director; and Lynn Scalise, Career Consultant

Project: Redesign of existing guide from half-page to full-page, B/W to 4C, advertising art direction, and additional services

View the online Career Guide

Career Development Handbook

Client: MIT’s Career Advising & Professional Development office

In collaboration with: Tianna Ransom, Career Development Specialist

Project: Print-ready files and online edition with interactive features, 2019

View the online Career Development Handbook

Article for NMP’s Article Library

Title: The Handbill as a Networking Tool

View the full text on LinkedIn.

Video interview about the services of NMP. Interviewer is Nancy Peterson.

Article for NMP’s Article Library

Title: Guided Networking

View an extended excerpt on LinkedIn.

Full text of the article is available to NMP clients. Contact for further details.

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