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NMP works for a variety of clients. Specializing in layout and design for print and online presentation, NMP works collaboratively with clients who are experts in their fields—effectively joining their team for project development.


Jodie Needham Fitness

March was a busy month for Jodie! She has an April fundraiser happening now! Plank for Frank to benefit Trooper Frank’s family as he rehabilitates. It is not too late to start!

Coach Jodie is also running a Lift, Lunch & Learn Series of programs in Kenosha throughout the year. You can register for upcoming programs at

NMP is also working on Member Spotlight pieces for Coach Jodie.

Harvard University, T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Career and Professional Development

Work on the Graduate Outcomes sheets started in January and went through a few redesigns as the information was presented in charts first, and then icons. The icons needed to be recreated to suit the current branding by Harvard’s marketing team.

View the sheets in the PDF above, or visit the Career and Professional Development page at

Harvard University, T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Work on the Annual Report started in 2022 with edits to the front end material, and the application of Harvard’s 2023 design style elements. The information for the data sections was not available until January 2023. The tables were set directly in InDesign, and the bar and pie charts were set in Illustrator, ungrouped for styling, and imported as in-line anchored artwork. Each bar or pie chart contains metadata for ADA compliance.

Harvard’s SPH ODI requests that all PDFs be WCAG 2.0 AA compliant. Each PDF delivered to the school is accompanied by an accessibility report confirming its status.

My work with the ODI is an on-demand business arrangement. They send me work at their convenience and are billed at the end of the month for the hours worked.

Jodie Needham Fitness Event Flyer

NMP continues to work on-demand with Coach Jodie as she needs materials to advertise upcoming programs.

Off The Pews; Faith In Action Winter 2023 Newsletter

My official work for Off The Pews (OTP) continues to be in the role of Website Administrator. That said, I also attend the Program Committee meetings and take the minutes; set and distribute the Newsletter Publishing Calendar; act as Editor and contributor for the Newsletter and other materials as needed; and liaise with OTP partners and board members to collect information for all of these functions.

OTP has an annual contract with NMP for a set number of hours of service per month. It is renegotiated once a year based on the median hours from the previous year.


NMP Winter Newsletter

Client: Jodie Needham Fitness (JNF)

Small Changes Flip Journal

32-page, spiral-bound, easel back journal for JNF clients. Design by NMP using JNF typefaces and color scheme from email and phone briefs and a few rough sample pages from other sources. Final printing by Econoprint Racine from NMP print-ready files. For this project, I prepared an estimate and JNF paid in two parts—half to begin the work and the balance upon completion.

Additional one-off projects specific to workshops offered by JNF with similar branding. These projects have been completed on-demand with end-of-the-month invoicing.

These product photos by Carl at Econoprint Racine:

Client: Norfolk State University Career Services

The updated Spartan Career Planning Guide. Deliverables include the Accessible PDF (to WCAG 2.0 AA standards), a BlueToad edition, and a set of print-ready PDFs.

Client: Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Completed in July (started in January)

The Resource Guide for Historically Underrepresented Populations (sample pages in a PDF at the link will open in a new window) was under intermittent development for seven months.

Components of Work on Resource Guide

  • Implementation of the revised Harvard Style Guide (color palette and support graphics) mid-production
  • Editorial reorganization (writing) for section continuity
  • Graphic development (maps & pointers) and placement—I’ve only visited Boston once, so I was spending some quality time with Google maps
  • Proofing to make sure businesses were still open and contact information was correct.
  • Final output to WCAG 2.0 AA standards including prep (many steps to follow in InDesign) and remediation (fixing any issues after PDF output)
  • Oh yeah, the page layout and design.

Some Additional Harvard Chan ODI Projects

Client: Off The Pews

In August, the Summer Newsletter was released with a cover story recapping the Summer Program.

Client: S. Himmelstein & Company

Multiple projects ongoing for S. Himmelstein and Company. These pages are from a marketing piece I’d worked on in 2020. There were some text updates, and then extensive changes to the marketing-quality drawing “Outline Dimensions” which were completed in Illustrator. The asterisk after the title leads to the statement “…specifications are subject to change, please contact factory for certified drawings.”

Client: Off The Pews

My official role for Off The Pews is Website Administrator. If you’ve ever worked for a non-profit, you know there are a “few” other projects I take on for this client. I am a member on the Program Committee and the summer program is currently under way.

Components of Work for OTP

  • Website administration of (blog posts, event calendar, all other updates as needed)
  • Member of Program Committee
  • Production of quarterly online newsletter
  • Design work for recruiting materials for programs: JPGs like the one above, Google forms for registration, collection and dissemination of registration information to Program Committee
“Poster” design for Off The Pews. This artwork is in use on the Google registration form, and as the lead story art in the Winter 2022 Newsletter that I released last Friday, January 14th. I made the paintbrush and pencil in Illustrator. The entire piece was created in Illustrator. Credit for the snowflakes goes to, file name “snowflakes-free-transparent-clipart-vector-pattern-600×600.png”.

Client: NC State Poole College of Management Career Center

NC State Poole returned for 2022 to make annual updates to two publications. The Resume and Cover Letter Style Guide goes into production first each year because it is in demand in the spring and summer as students are applying for positions. Also, several of the pages from the RCLSG appear in the more comprehensive Career Resources Guide.

Client: Texas A&M University Career Center

The Aggie Career Success Handbook BlueToad edition for Texas A&M University Career Center.


Career Toolkit for Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health – update for 2021 (returning client from 2020 season). Accessible PDF, Adobe Publish Online Edition, PDF with fillable forms, and BlueToad Edition.
2021 – Accessible PDF and Blue Toad Edition
S. Himmelstein and Company marketing materials – multiple projects assigned on-demand including comparison charts, quick-install guides, ads, multiple-page documents. Clients since 2020.
Inclusive Excellence Annual Report 2020-2021 for Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Office of Diversity and Inclusion. One of several projects completed on-demand for ODI. Accessible PDF provided to school.
Brandeis University Law School Guide
2021 – Accessible PDF and Blue Toad Edition

Other Clients:

NC State Poole College of Management—Updates to the Career Resource Guide and the Resume and Cover Letter Style Guide.


Other clients:

Off The Pews: Faith In Action

S. Himmelstein & Company – Layout and brochure design services.


Other clients:

Off The Pews: Faith In Action—NMP primary service is website administration, but includes editing and layout services; newsletter scheduling, production, and distribution; and program committee member.

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