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Off The Pews: Faith In Action (OTP) Virtual Winter Program started in February. As OTP’s website administrator, I sat in on the first five classes in order to take screen captures initially to be used in blog posts on OTP website. Eventually, they were used for a video compilation showing the kids’ work. More about that later. Chloe Anne Kelly from the Hyde Park Art Center (HPAC) presented the art sessions.

This program was a collaborative effort involving the staff of OTP, HPAC, and the Sunshine Gospel Ministries in Chicago, IL. Donnell Williams from Sunshine Gospel Ministries organized three ShopTalk sessions that followed the art classes, and this Saturday will be the final meeting and celebration of completion.

Sitting in on the collage classes and using fun techniques to address a new theme each week was not a hardship because artwork is one of my favorite things. Julie Andrews twirling in a field just popped into my head—fun.

Frame showing Michael's and Mikiah's collages.

I was putting together the spring newsletter and inserted a featured photo. At that moment I discovered I could insert a video.

A new project was born! I created this video compilation in Photoshop and output it for YouTube so I could share it as the featured art in the Off The Pews Newsletter, Spring Edition. It contains the screen captures showing the participants’ work as well as a few photos they emailed to share their work.

NMP Services included in this project:

  • Website administration for OTP
    • published supporting blog posts
  • Newsletter production
    • scheduling
    • content creation
    • soliciting stakeholders for additional content
    • distribution
    • contact list maintenance
  • Photo editing
    • color and brightness correction
    • cropping
  • Video assembly and output using Photoshop

Contact NMP to discuss services that may be of interest to you for upcoming projects.

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