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A request came to me from S Himmelstein & Co for a new “above the fold” webpage design—art for the opening frame, but not the navigation.

I created an animated GIF and an MP4 as a rough first draft for them. I’m feeling out if this is something they are interested in, or if they prefer to have a static image.

I fully expect this to change, but as rough drafts go, I’m pretty happy.

This is certainly artwork that would have to be placed within a website because it is missing branding and basic contact information.

Animated GIF showing S Himmelstein's products in a slideshow. Text reads "World's Best Torque Sensors Since 1960" and photos are captioned with "Torque ranges from 10 oof-in to 4,000,000 dbf-in".
The animated GIF (702 Kb) has all the elements but lacks the smooth transitions of the…
MP4 (7.7 Mb)

S Himmelstein & Co

Inset product photos provided by, and property of, S Himmelstein & Co.

Update to story: Word came back that a still image was preferred, so I sent 3 versions…waiting to hear about modifications.

To see other MP4s created from Photoshop please visit my Commissioned Art page.

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