Great Publishing Partners

It was a real treat to work with the Career Center team at Texas A&M this year to redesign their Aggie Career Success Handbook (formerly Career Guide).

I’d redesigned this book once before (around 2013-14) when I was working for CRM. Michael Shehane found my company website and recognized my name, and he reached out to see if I was up for another redesign.

You bet!

Conversations for production started in January. We were into actual production by March. The Accessible PDF delivered in late August. August 27th the BlueToad edition was done. Slide over to the Recent Work page to see both editions.

Texas A&M Career Center had a large team working on refining the content for the book. The project was masterfully managed at their end initially by Michael Shehane, and then he turned it over to the talented Paige Hellman-Millar for completion.

Design by committee can be a daunting prospect because there are a lot of moving parts. There absolutely needs to be a project coordinator on the client side of production to avoid conflicting information. The Career Center team had this nailed down which resulted in a smooth and wonderful collaboration.

Additional Texas A&M team members who worked on the book and deserve a “Well done!” include: Amarette Renieri, Susan Keough, Taylor Henderson, under the benevolent guidance of Samantha Wilson, with Dolores Gonzales in a crucial supporting role.

Thank you for your great publishing partnership!

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